Author’s Note

I am very proud to announce that my first novel has been completed and is available for you to enjoy now. IN PURSUIT OF LIFE is a thrilling account of one man’s fight to stay alive in the face of some very dangerous adversaries, The Mob!

The entire fictional work is based on actual events and recreated from the journals of Harry Miller, the main character. The action begins at the very start of the story and never let’s up. The reader is taken to very different locales and is able to identify with many of the people in this taut and exciting recount of Harry Miller’s life.

This is the first book of the adventure that spans over fifty years and covers just about every corner of the globe. I was very pleased with the final result of the first leg of Harry Miller’s running battle against the forces of evil and can promise you that the rest of his life is packed with even more action and events that will take the reader to new heights when reading a thrilling novel like IN PURSUIT OF LIFE:

The entire manuscript is written in Harry Miller’s own way and because Harry is not a trained writer there will be misspelled words and at times incomplete sentences. This was left intact to allow the reader to better understand Harry and of course, to realize that when one does keep a diary or journal they do not always follow accepted grammatical rules. The easiest and shortest way to get a point across is to print Harry’s entries "as is" in his journals. This is reflected in this one man’s account of his thrilling and hazardous life.

I know you will enjoy this read that will be available online in a few weeks as well is in hard cover. I know you will enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Take my word for it if you miss out on reading this novel you will have missed an opportunity to enjoy a most memorable experience ever!

Thanks for your support

Allan Barrie
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